Privacy Policy

SDR Distribution Services Inc. (Referred to as “SDR”, the “Company”, “we”, or “us”) are firmly committed to protecting your privacy. SDR has created this privacy policy to explain our commitment to keeping personal data private and secure.
Personal data means any information that relates to an individual to the extent that any individual is or can be identified from that information. Personal data can be in any form (e.g., paper, electronic, video, audio). It is SDR’s policy to take all necessary steps to ensure that all personal data processed by us is processed fairly and lawfully. All of our employees and data processors who have access to personal data are obliged to respect the confidentiality of personal data and comply with this privacy policy.
 This privacy policy applies to all non-public, online and offline, collected, stored, processed, transferred and used personal data of SDR’s customers, vendors, employees, agents, contractors and others who share their personal data with us.
 There are various methods by which SDR collects personal data. We may collect personal data from individuals as voluntarily disclosed via our websites, in person, over the phone, through the postal mail service or e-mail. In addition, as part of the way in which our website interacts with Internet users, when users access SDR’s website, SDR’s systems automatically obtain the IP address/details of that user.
Where we collect personal data, we make clear the nature of the information and the specific purpose(s) for which it is used, or may be used, and we offer individuals the choice to opt-out of providing such information.
 We collect personal data that is knowingly and voluntarily provided to us related to the following:
SDR collects and processes personal data about our customers in order to efficiently provide the services necessary to support an entire supply chain solution, and other services that involve the transport and storage of goods more generally. In addition, we may use collected customer personal data in order to correspond with customer’s personal data regarding possible new or enhanced business opportunities.
SDR collects and processes personal data about any vendor we retain in order to ensure that we are able to contact our vendors when necessary, and to ensure that SDR’s standards of service/care are met.
SDR retains personal data we collect for reasonable periods of time, in accordance with specific policies or as required by law. Personal data collected for a specified purpose will only be used for that purpose and, unless that information is otherwise required to be retained, after a reasonable period of time, the personal data will no longer be actively stored when that purpose has been fulfilled.
For any questions or comments about this privacy policy or SDR’s privacy practices, please contact us using the contact details below:
Tel: 1-905-625-7377
 Fax: 1-905-625-7399
 Toll free: 1-888-625-7377