e-Commerce Fulfillment

At NFI SDR, we provide our clients with comprehensive and customized e-commerce fulfillment services in Canada to facilitate their customers’ online shopping experience. From small e-commerce businesses to large corporations, we have integrated expert management solutions and quality e-commerce fulfillment services that will allow you to focus on the core aspects of business growth, such as marketing, sales, and development. E- commerce fulfillment services are crucial to the supply chain journey of how your product reaches your customer and is a core element in customer experience, customer retention and customer satisfaction.

At NFI SDR, we understand the importance of e-commerce fulfillment services in Canada and the value of ensuring your customers receive their orders through speedy and accurate delivery.

At NFI SDR our e-commerce fulfillment services in Canada include branded packaging solutions that allow our clients to highlight their brand through distinctive packaging to increase brand awareness. Another important e-commerce fulfillment service that NFI SDR offers is return management that recaptures product value and costs associated for the return that is all captured within our white-glove e-commerce fulfillment services in Canada. This allows our clients to have complete oversight over their products and costs while maximizing their customer retention while also promoting positive customer experiences.

We offer the following services:
  • Pick and Pack
  • Return management
  • Gift wrap and branded packaging solutions
  • Track and trace
Pick and Pack

Efficiency in eCommerce fulfillment is key to profitable online sales.  At NFI SDR, our expert’s design efficient pick processes to minimize time, labor, and costs. When it comes to pick and pack, we strive for perfection and ensure that every single item receives the attention it deserves.

Return Management

Our return management service helps our customers save time and money and retain customers. We will help you to recapture value from your products and reduce the associated costs, while saving you the headache of carrying out return management yourself through our e-commerce fulfillment services in Canada.

Gift Wrap and Branded Packaging Solutions

We offer gift wrap services and branded packaging solutions to our clients. Gift wrapping or using branded packaging is a simple service which can have a great impact on the level of service you provide to your customers, resulting in increased sales and average order value. Moreover, this is also an excellent way to build rapport with loyal customers through our comprehensive e-commerce fulfillment services in Canada.

Track and Trace

With our Track and Trace service, you can check order status, delivery status, and inventory online via our easy-to-use web portal.