Section 321 Solutions

Section 321 is a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Shipment Type, also referred to as de minimis threshold. The Section 321 exemption allows low-value shipments of goods valued at $800 US Dollars or less to enter duty-free into the United States for expedited border clearance by way of our fulfillment warehouses across Canada. Section 321 solutions are particularly beneficial and cost-effective for ecommerce companies that ship out high quantities of smaller, low-value items to the United States from outside North America.

Section 321 solutions allow you to eliminate 100% or receive full reimbursement of the duty and tariff costs without making a formal entry with customs, so long as your finished goods are:

  • Arriving from outside of North America
  • Orders are bound for the United States
  • Individual orders are valued at $800 USD or less
  • Orders weigh less than 50lbs (22Kg)
  • The goods are imported by one person/company per day

Notably, Section 321 solutions are advantageous for multiple single transactions of goods per day that do not exceed $800 USD and arrive in their finished form from outside North America. By importing your goods into Canada that are bound for the United States, you become eligible for a duty deferral through the Section 321 exemption.

Section 321 solutions help businesses:

  • Reduce international shipping costs
  • Reduce Importing costs
  • Speed up cross-border shipping
  • Eliminate duties and taxes with less paperwork for processing
  • Receive faster clearance
  • Offer competitive rates for your US customers

NFI SDR is a leader in the North American 3PL market with multiple warehouses across Canada. Our experts are here to help you understand and comply with trade regulations pertaining to Section 321 solutions that are available to you.