Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is a process that is necessary for returned and recalled product to follow in order to return the item to the correct inventory in a timely manner. Managing retail consumer returns can be a complicated, costly and time-consuming process for businesses. Our team of experts is here to help you make consumer returns handling more efficient while saving you on costs.

We offer the following services:
  • Managing recalls for seasonal or defective product
  • Product inspection and documentation of defect
  • Repackaging, relabeling of product
  • Product disposal, including shredding or incineration
  • Container stuffing for overseas shipments
  • Product disposal (shredding, incineration)
  • Sorting, re-packing, re-stocking, re-conditioning
  • Damaged or broken items handling
Container Stuffing for Overseas Shipments

We provide container stuffing services for overseas shipments for maximum container utilization and in order to prevent potential issues, such as cargo overflow. We carry out proper technical maintenance of freight containers and practice safe stuffing practices.

Sorting, Re-packing, Re-stocking, Re-conditioning

We are committed to helping our clients maximize the return on their investment. As such, we offer custom sorting, re-packing, re-stocking and re-conditioning services to meet our clients’ unique packaging and handling needs. If your product has been damaged or contaminated, reconditioning can be an effective solution to prevent revenue loss. We can sort your goods and re-pack them according to your specific requirements, in the size and shape you request.

Product Disposal

SDR offers disposal services, which include shredding and incineration of products with proper documentation. We employ environmentally-conscious product disposal services, while ensuring confidentiality and security to our clients, including:

  • Rework services to modify goods
  • Alternative disposal services
Damaged or Broken Items

If the returned item is damaged, we can offer rework services to modify goods at all of our warehouses. Moreover, we can provide alternative disposal services, such donation to charity organizations or recycling.

Reverse logistics process